E R P System

ERP system is a kind of system that integrates management information by managing the flow of data across an entire organization, that drives an organization decides to impalement ERP solution is usually inefficiencies of business process. Together with delivering the obvious advantages of business process automation, enhanced operational efficiencies and easier accessibility of information


ERP System needs to do countless different processes, activities, and systems are used to run your business. The primary reason an ERP solution is so vital to a company's success is efficiency, Computerized ERP will reduce hassle, tensions and unwanted paper works.


When you feel difficulties to handle the company handle staffs use Computerized ERP to manage all process without hassle &tension, when you want to save the time use computerized ERP,when you want to keep all the report in a finger tip use computerized ERP,when you want improve your company status use computerized ERP


Enterprise Resource Planning has been one of the most popular and successful product of Reliance Networks for many years. We proudly present that we are in this information technology based human resource management with leading client based in Sri Lanka.

What is an ERP System?


ERP is an acronym for enterprise resource planning. An ERP system can be defined as a conglomeration of multi-module applications software packages, which integrate activities of different functional departments. In this regard it is important to note that a complete ERP system is made up of not only software, but also an effective combination of business strategies, as well as the users and hardware required to run the ERP software.

Leaders in best ERP system in Sri Lanka

We are specialists in interactive client support (via phone, email and directly), intelligent system analysis and mainly in reliable and stable software system. We should emphasis that we are the leaders in reliable ERP System in Sri Lanka by compromising on the price range by providing economical ERP systems for clients but always maintain the high quality of Reliance Networks.

ERP software systems whole over Sri Lanka

ERP software systems (enterprise resource planning) have always existed in one form or another since business began in Sri Lanka. Prior to computers becoming the live without business tools that they today, ERP software systems took the form of ledger books, accounting journals, clipboards the “soft”-ware component of which was simply the paper on which the notes and numbers were written.

Projections and production forecasting was often done in the head of the business owner or company accountant – mental acuity and fantastic memories constituted the means by which business decisions and production schedules were made.  While amazing in their own right, such methods had their limitations and as business grew so did the mounds and mounds of paper.

Enter: the computer age. At first these machines were a novelty. The thought of anything remotely akin to ERP software systems seemed the stuff that rockets to the moon were made. When computers were originally introduced to the business world mainly in Colombo, Sri Lanka, they occupied rooms and rooms and thousands of watts of energy was employed for the purpose of doing rather simple calculations. 

But as technology exponentially advanced, so did the way in which business computers worked.  More and more information could be stored in smaller and smaller spaces and lower and lower cost.  ERP software systems are a reflection of increasing business efficiency.  ERP software systems play an integral role in business today.

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There are tremendous benefits for organizations that use enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. A key success factor in business today is the ability of an organization to keep their information arranged in a way that allows easy sharing between departments and the ability of management to mine their data, discover new information and ultimately make smarter decisions.

The advances of enterprise resource planning systems providers over the past decades have allowed them to offer powerful, out-of-the-box solutions for businesses with tens of thousands of employees to small businesses with barely a handful of employees. No matter the size of the business, enterprise resource planning systems provide great benefit and value, but not all businesses have the same needs. This is why many ERP providers offer the ability to customize their products.

Implementing an enterprise resource planning system can be quite an undertaking. Business processes need to be uncovered, explored, talked about and debated. This aspect often leads companies to question whether certain business processes are actually best practices or if they can be improved upon. This is undoubtedly one benefit of implementing an ERP system. Getting employees on board with a new system is another challenge faced in ERP implementation. Sometimes employees are resistant to change. This is especially true when they have a good way of going about a certain business process. Fortunately this is what customization is all about. Not all businesses are alike. Industries vary, industry best practices vary and not all out-of-the-box ERP solutions will fit all organizations.

Customizing an ERP system is often a great way to get more value out of the software, but it is important to keep a few things in mind that the experts have discovered. We are reminded that progress happens fast these days and update cycles are regular. When considering a customization, find out if this is an innovation that is already on its way. Customization can increase costs, and if the feature is already in the ERP vendor's pipeline, be patient.

Learning the features of the ERP systems you're considering is also important. Knowing the capabilities of the available systems will allow you to choose the right company with the most appropriate solution. Once you have your solution, a sound knowledge of its capabilities will help you align the system to your current business processes. In analyzing your business processes and how they fit in with the enterprise resource planning systems structure, you may find ways to trim the fat of your processes. Should you come across incompatibilities, then you can consider options for customizing your software.

No matter what ERP solution you choose, customization is an option. Just be sure to stick to the basics. Know your business processes, explore your ERP systems options and choose the best fit for your company. This will put you on the right track to getting the greatest value from your investment.

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